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Welcome to the Vital Vocabulary Web App

Take the next step in understanding the Hebrew prayers by learning the vital vocabulary quickly and intuitively! Once you feel like you know the vocabulary then test yourself and track your completion with a free Sparks of Messiah Web Apps account!

  1. Select a prayer to practice.
  2. Select a sentence from the prayer to learn the vital vocabulary.
  3. Review the flashcards in 'Learning Mode.'
  4. After you feel confident you know most of the words, click on the button to go into 'Testing Mode.'
  5. If you know the definition right away, then click "Got It!" If you realized you did know the word but only after checking yourself then click "Almost Got It!" And if you totaly didn't know it at all, then click "Don't Got It!"
  6. You will keep being tested until you have "Got It!" twice for each word. If you are logged in to your Sparks of Messiah Web Apps account then you can mark this sentence as complete after successfully completing the testing mode.
*God's sacred name is represented by יי and is pronounced HASHEM when practicing and Adonai when praying for real.

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Step 1: Choose a Text to Practice